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Weddings         Where 1 + 1 = 1

There are 4 ingredients to a successful wedding.


This is obviously the first and most important part. A well-cheorgraphed ceremony sets the stage for the events of the day.

However, the ceremony should be properly mic'ed so that all the guests can hear the officiant and the vows.

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Classy People

You want people who take pride in their work. You don't want unprofessional vendors and their staff treating your special day like just another old gig. 

If they are only there for the money instead of there to make your day the most exceptional day possible, then you have hired the wrong people.


This is the second most important part. But it will be the most memorable part for your guests. Because sure they came to see your holy union but really they came to have FUN.

They are there for the 5 C's: ceremony, cocktails, cuisine, cake, and the CELEBRATION.

That's why in my (un)biased opinion the most important choice to make in choosing vendors is that of the DJ.

We are a one-stop-shop for your celebratory needs. We can handle the lighting, a uniquely tailored specialized playlist of songs you request and songs specifically picked for you and your guests, a phenomenal sound and light system, and a proficient emcee.

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We not only coordinate your event by making the correct and timely announcements to keep your wedding on schedule but we also coordinate special effects and bonus features like "Dancing on the Clouds," firing cold sparklers, so your photographers and videographers get that perfect shot to capture the elegance and beauty of your magnificent occasion.

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