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My Story

I am a professional DJ, not a hobbyist. This is not my side gig. This means I have more time and energy to improve my craft and to make your event an exceptional one. 


My style of DJing is called Beat-matching aka smooth blends. While you’re on the dance floor grooving to your favorite song along comes another song that hopefully, you like just as well if not more. This gives you time to catch the new groove without missing a beat or a step. It’s like one continuous song. 


Scratch DJing or Beat Juggling is a very impressive skill. And it’s very pleasing to watch but not so easy to dance to. Plus in my experience, party people like to participate by singing or dancing along with the song. You can’t sing along to a repetitive beat or scratch. 


I’ve been doing this as a professional since college. I also got an award for rebuilding and running our defunct radio station in college. That was over 30 years ago. 


I started DJing right out of HS in NYC where I met my tutor, teacher, and mentor, Brother Ellis. He was a retired engineer from RCA Corp. 


He knew sound, electronics, and model trains. If it had to do with circuits, wires, and electricity he could build it. 


He designed and built a DJ set called The Teacher and The Students. It consisted of 4 students desks (real classroom desks), the teacher’s desk with a master controlling mixer & 2 Technics 1200 MKII’s, state-of-the-art 300 watt Marantz Tube amplifier playing on custom-built speakers which contained 30-inch woofers imported from Germany. Each student desk had its own volume slider to bring up its mix, headphones with volume control, and a 1200 MKII. 


To be a student you had to come to practice every day after school. And every other week you got tested and graded on your skills. And once a month, we would put on a live concert in the park. 


After a few months, I was a B student when I left the group to open my business. Brother was not only my teacher who taught me how to mix but he taught me electronics, synthesizers, drum machines, and MIDI. 


Every day before or after my practice he would make me read and study old magazines on musical equipment and MIDI which was just starting. I became an expert. 


Then one day on a shopping trip to a music store for Brother, I applied for a job in the keyboard dept. I was interviewed and hired on the spot. 


In a few months, I became the top salesperson in the store averaging over $100,000 in sales a month at Manny’s music in Manhattan. Then I was poached by the owner of a smaller music store that specialized in reselling used equipment. 


I started at $15/hr which was double my rate at Manny’s. In a couple of months, I asked for the Manager’s title and authority without a pay increase. The owner agreed. 


I took over. Made significant changes and took the sales to over $1.2 million in the first year. I asked for a raise after 3 months as manager. 


The owner took the books home for an audit. He came back and gave everyone in the store significant raises. And I got my top two requests, $1000 per week in cash and 2 weeks of paid vacation. I tried for healthcare but he couldn’t afford it. 


I became one of the top consultants in the music industry. I’ve been to the homes of many top recording artists (too many to name) to set up their new MIDI equipment or show them how to use it. Because nobody wanted to read the manuals. 


I also built my own recording studio, engineered, and produced a rap album on my own record label. 

Music is something I know and love. Finding an equal may be hard if not impossible: with my background, experience, expertise in both technical by choosing and buying the best sounding equipment, and in my mixing skills, along with my professionalism and attention to detail plus my problem-solving, and logistical expertise.

Sure you could hire a lighting company to do your lights. A sound rental company to provide the sound systems needed. And a touring DJ from your favorite rap group if he’s available. But can you afford it?


By the way, my middle name is Tyrone. That’s how I came up with DJ Turntable Ty, the Maestro of the Mix.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

Text me @ 678-557-4850

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